Monday, June 17, 2013


Quite a few things happened last week that really lowered my spirits.
I was feeling discouraged and under-appreciated. 2 jobs that I had applied for and that looked promising (one with a good lead, one that I have been working with for a while) did not work out. 
My friends were helpful and supportive while I had my pity party, and this week I have been setting out to make things better and brighter. 

The game plan: 

I have been spending entirely too much money AND before I can move in with Justin, we agreed that I should have about $1000 in savings, in case of any mishaps. So, I have downloaded a $ tracker app on my phone, got out cash for the week, and am considering starting the $5 bill savings plan. Basically the idea is that everytime you get a $5 bill, you are not allowed to spend it, you must put it in a jar and save it. I am considering it, but I don't have cash much, so we will see. BUT, my savings is already looking better. 

I put away my clothes like a grown up AND am cleaning my room. I have been in the process of packing for forever and I am finally picking it back up. When I do get a job and move, I want the process to be as smooth as possible. 

I submitted another job app with a good lead, and am actively seeking more! (so if you have a job lead in Atlanta, hit me up)

I have also decided to be sensible, not let my pride get the better of me, and keep working part time and living on campus until EF says I can't or I have something lined up. 

Finally, I am coming up with a way to reconnect to someone I really care about (more details later, I don't want to give it away!) 

So, I am trying. I am not one to let something get me down for long, so I am putting productivity to good use. 

In other news, I bought some books today. (They were $1.50 for all 3, so no worries, still saving money!) 
One is very sentimental, it is called The Education of Little Tree, and was one of the last books Mamaw read to me before I felt too old to be read to. With her health going down, her mind gone, and my infrequent visits, re-reading this and having a reminder will be very nice.

Also, some photos of my weekend:
Courtney came to visit! 

Rocky Horror

Happy Outlooks

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