Friday, May 31, 2013


Today I tried so hard to be  a grownup.
I bought 2 watches, that seems like an adult move to me.

I also made myself a pot of coffee, instead of buying something.

I even did dishes and started trying to make everything squeaky clean for Justin's return. :)
A not so-surprising surprise...and you know I thought it would be polite to at least pick up my stray bobby pins, my clothes, that sort of thing. So far, the kitchen is done....

(I tried to teach the kitties a trick while he has been away and while that is still a work in progress, I have successfully reduced the number of times they jump on the counter, which is good enough really.)

This week has helped me realize (or reconfirm really) how much I dislike being alone. I watched the Hunger Games 5 times for pete's sake.

I am restless, running out of things to do...I finished SVU, Scandal, and Medium. I am trying to watch Sherlock now, but it is not keeping my attention.

I AM BORED. (as if that were not apparent in my painfully vanilla post)

I am just restless, a little discouraged at the prospect of immediate change, and unbelievably bored.

You are welcome for the single most boring blog entry ever written into existence.

Now, for your enjoyment...adorable cats in a laundry basket. :)

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