Thursday, August 30, 2012


Class and work had me running from place to place all day, as it generally does on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Monday - Wednesdays are more stagnant, but I still work all day, just less running around.

I think being constantly busy makes me more productive. I am so on top of things right now.
I had my first Quiz today, and first presentation. I think the quiz went well and I got good feedback on the presentation. So all in all, grades are looking good. (I recognize I am only 2 weeks in, but gotta start early)

Also, both my jobs are great. Investing my time into work and not extra-curriculars is proving to be a wonderful thing. I feel like I am making a good transition out of Oglethorpe and into the real world...except currently, my real world is Oglethorpe, but I am finally getting useful experience.

The Library taught me a lot about having a first job, but now I think I am getting experience that can really take me places. Like I have been doing a lot of publicity for Career Services, I have been working on banners for a huge event we have coming up, and they look pretty legit if I do say so myself. I have been doing banners to be used during Parent's Weekend, including a 20ft one that will hang across the school! I also get to work on the program for Parent's Weekend! On top of that, soon I will get trained get to start helping people with their resumes and cover letters, which I LOVE to do and think will be great experience for HR.

Speaking of getting my career on track, I have an informational interview with a Human Resources Manager next Friday, going to learn about the industry! I am so excited, but I wish Caroline was here to teach me about informational interviews since I never done one before. I think I will set up a meeting with Ms. Nash and she can talk me through it!

I ended my day with spontaneous bowling and Best Frand time. My positive psych assignment was to do something pleasurable for me...and this was so much fun! I did not think about homework, I just though about what a good time I was having, which goes with the assignment! Perfect end to the week. :)

One more day of work, and then Peachtree City with Justin.

My life is going places. I like it.

I think I will post this one to Facebook. ;)

Happy Labor Day weekend.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

...done with Laundry

I keep reminding myself it is just laundry, it is just wet clothes.

VENT: So my air conditioner has been leaking, and by leaking, I mean there was water seeping behind the wall covering 75% of my carpet. This morning I woke up, and there was hardly a dry spot, and the water got on my clothes.

So now I have to do laundry before my clothes mold. But, I don't have a laundry room in my building. Nope, I have to haul my wet, heavy clothes to another building to wash them.

I know this is not that bad, but right now I just want someone to recognize how inconvenient it is and justify my frustration.

All I want is someone to say, "wow, that really does suck." Or maybe go so far as help me with my laundry.

But alas, it is a first world problem, and I suppose today my complaints will only get heard by anyone who ready my posts that don't end up on facebook.

I don't think I have very many (if any) followers that loyal, evidenced by the 0 readers on my last 5 posts.

but if you happen upon this, and have read a few of my past entries, allow me to reiterate...I hate laundry days.

Monday, August 27, 2012 an interview

Last night it hit me. I am a senior. After this, there is no clear expectation of what I do, my next step is entirely my own. That is terrifying.

Really though, the law required that I went to school until 16, after that dropping out never even crossed my mind. Even college, sure I ultimatly made the decision where I went and even if I went...but not going was never really an option. I suppose I could have defied everyone's expectations of me and found some job, but I didn't and that is how I ended up at Oglethorpe.

Now I am at the tail end of that journey, and realizing that what I do next only effects me.

Last night I was talking to Justin, telling him that I was begining to rethink my decision of working for a few years before school. He told me that he thought that would just be delaying what I want to do.

He is right you know. Continuing school right now would just be one big delay for me. Honestly, I think school has become my security blanket and the thought of letting it go terrifies me. School is a place to live, people to support me, something to occupy my time. School surrounds me with people who are smarter and more experienced than me, and because of that, I hide behind them, letting them make decisions for me, tell me what is best to do next. They know better, right?

Ms. Nash told me she wants to meet with me and we can talk and figure out what my next steps are. She can give me guidance.
She already gave me my first assignement: start networking, meet people in my field, learn everything I can about it and from them.
I suppose that is where I should start. While I am still in school, I should keep learning.

I guess I need a check list of my September goals:
  • begin setting up informational interviews (have at least 5 set up before the end of the month)
  • buy more professional clothes
  • keep my resume up to date
Happy Monday

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 in your closet

Today is a 9-5 kind of day.

Really though, I had to be at work at 9am, and with the exception of a 15minute break between jobs, I have been working ever since. I get off at 5.
I like being a grown up. I even got some homework done at reception. Except I did the wrong assignment, but it was a 1 page paper...not to hard to redo.

I have been in such a rush today. I woke up late, so had a 10 minute breakfast, I decided it was a good idea to squeeze lunch in my 15 minute break, so I had a 10 minute lunch. It is ok though, I always like being busy, and the best part, I get paid for my packed days now. That is growing up.

I do need to learn how to be in a rush, but not be rude.
I am working on that.

Once I get off at 5, I have super exciting things planned.
Before I came to college, I had no friends my size. I was the fat friend. Now, college has blessed me with the most amazing, voluptuous friends that I can actually share clothes with! So, tonight we are having a clothing swap.

It will be a grand evening, complete with wine, refreshments, and everyone revamping their wardrobe. Yall, Ronshalee is coming and bringing clothes, there will be some fabulous things.
Now that I think of it...everyone going has beautiful clothes.
I am so excited.

And for the things that we do not get rid of, I suppose we will donate.
Honestly I am more excited about the company than the clothes, but shopping in my friends closets will be wonderful as well.

Before the swap, Tes and I are having frand dinner time, complete with a trip to get some Kroger chicken salad for sandwiches and wine for tonight. Only an hour and a half more before I am reunited with some of my favorite people!

Pictures will come!

Happy Clothing days

Monday, August 20, 2012

...sporting a backpack

Classes start today. Actually, for me, classes start tomorrow.
But I work almost 9am-5pm today (with a 2 hour break). Those are grown up hours.
Theme of the year = learn to be a grown up.

In that theme, last night my friends came over and wrapped up in blankets on the floor, we watched the Hunger Games. It was so nice to have so many of my favorite people all in one place. It gets even better Wednesday. I get Ronshalee, Jade, and Audri too, and it has really been way too long since we were all together.

So I started this morning with 8 hours of sleep, my EF polo and a cup of tea, which, judging by people's facebook statuses, was the drink of choice this morning.

Tomorrow is when things really kick into high gear. Class all day. With the exception of a few short breaks (perfect for Lunch and Dinner) and an hour and a half of work, I will be in class from 9:30am until 7:30pm. Long, long grown up days.

This is really just a ramble, no deep thoughts or emotional jibberish today. I just figured I would document my first day of Senior year.
Krista said you have to take pictures with a backpack on the first day of school. Since it is not my first day of classes, I will hold off on that until tomorrow. For now, just a picture of me at work with my tea!

Speaking of tea, I have a long awaited tea date with Eleanor and Tes today, it will be perfect.

Happy first days of school.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

...drinking espresso

It is moving day! And my last day at The Cup.
I am so excited about both of those things, except they scheduled me for a much longer shift than usual at The Cup, so I am working 8-9 hours tonight. And I still have my room to pack and move before hand. I have to do it today because I need to be out Friday, and Justin and I are leaving for PTC tonight and the Casino Saturday. (glamorous life haha)

Now I have to try to move things without getting too sweaty and trying to do it all before work.
So that means I have until 1:30.
When I moved out of Dempsey, it took all day. All day. I stopped between every other load. I think I was prolonging the time that I could be in there. I did not want to leave because Dempsey is mine. I have been ready to get out of Phase 2 since I moved in...and to think this is the dorm that all the residents want. hmm. Maybe I am spoiled, being an RA, or maybe I am just used to simple, older, more worn out things and phase 2 is so new and filled with so many small rooms and roommates.

Now I am moving to Schmidt. Yep, the old dorms. I dunno if I shared the news, but I suppose my blog is a better place than any...but I got a new job! I will be an RA with Education First. Now...I would like to make a disclaimer. Honestly, I am terrified that people are going to think that I only got the job and was only interested because Justin is working for them. While that is super exciting and I am so glad I get to keep him for the next year, it is not true. Ah, I just want everyone to see I am a big girl, capable of getting things on my own. :) And we applied for positions independently, I think I actually heard about mine from Danny first (but really only minutes before). So tada, I got the job all by myself, look at me parade around in my big girl pants! :) haha. Maybe I do not give people enough credit, and assume that they will assume that I got it through him. Or maybe I do not give myself enough credit, and think that people will not recognize that I am capable to get things on my own.

But I will admit the two things I am most excited about (at least right now) is my new room and that Justin will be here working with me! Chad is going to be my suitemate and we are living in the RA apartment in Schmidt. The little hut off the the side is all ours! I think it is adorable. It is old, has two big glass doors, and a lot of potential. Plus, since there is not much furniture other than beds, dressers, and desks, we have 2 more empty rooms and the kitchen to figure out (atleast they are not that big!) but figuring it out makes me feel so grown up!
The light fixtures are old and I think they are adorable, mine looks like a flower!
I did give up the 4th floor RA suite in NoMag, which is arguably the best room on all of campus (in my opinion) plus it is in my family, but for the opportunity (which is a great one!) and the sense that I am a grown up buying my own thrifted and gifted furniture, I will take it!

Plus, Chad and I went looking for stuff as soon as we accepted the job. We did not find any furniture, but got an espresso machine for $12! So if anything, we will live in empty rooms drinking lattes with Tatiana and Justin. I think that alone makes for a wonderful senior year.