Saturday, September 29, 2012 in a "wouldn't it be nice"

My week was quite a week and my yesterday, quite a yesterday.

I have been meaning to post since I got my internship. Give the full details and what not.
It is with a Consulting company called Workforce Architects. I am doing a lot of everything, but initially I am researching and creating a proposal about which Social Media Platforms my compant should look into using, and find conferences for presentations.
Next week I have a phone call with a consultant from another company for opinions, research and insight on these things.
So...basically, I am already building my networking pool. :)
The women who I work with seem simply wonderful. They seem so excited to work with me and want to teach me a lot. I have gotten to tell them a lot about my plans, uncertainty, and career interests in our first few conversations and they have already given me invaluable suggestions.
They even told me in my interview, that when I graduate, they will connect me with people, see if we can find me a job.

Times like this make me proud of myself and feeling like I am going to be ok.

I like to have imaginary lives. One of them is that after this year, Justin and I will both get fancy jobs with EF in Boston and explore a new city together. Another is living on Piedmont park next door to Chelsea. When I am not freaking out about my future, I can sit down and imagine the "wouldn't it be nices..." and the "what ifs"...I love those.

Between today and yesterday I realized a few things:

one. I have a lot less to worry about than I originally anticipated. Which is a good thing, and can be left at that.

two. I am really really excited to buy things. like real things. I am buying a professional wardrobe now and it is so nice to feel like I am investing in a wardrobe that is not disposable and not something that could be easily left at the laundromat. I also want to by home things. I want a couch, or plates, or something. I want bathroom art. You really have nothing to worry about when you can stop and consider what art you want in your bathroom. I have recently come into the most beautiful chairs (thanks to Hillary) and I am excited to get more real stuff. I hate the look of plastic college file drawers and Target comforters.

three.  I think I know where I want my tattoo. Or at least more about it. I want roots. Like on my cherry blossom tree. I always talk about up rooting myself, toting myself around in my little pot until I am comfortable enough to be replanted. Portability, but something to ground me is very important to me. All I know, is I want roots. Maybe I will never get a tattoo, but I love to think about it.

That is enough for now. Happy Saturday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

...singing on Saturday.

Interview today.
I am excited, nervous, dressed profesh.
It is my first phone interview. Justin gave me some pointers this morning, he did this last year for Grad School.


Last night was the first night of recruitment. Ah, I loved it. I always get so nervous, imagine that I will just stand there, an awkward blabbering mess...sometimes I do blabber, but not as a mess.
But it was great, I talked to the girls who I was paired with about EVERYTHING. Honestly, I did not talk about scholarship, (great Education Director, right?) or philanthropy...but I felt like I really got to know them and some of their genuine interests. They told me what they were looking for, and I told them not only how Sigma offers these things, but Greek Life, and Oglethorpe in general.

Sometimes during recruitment I want them all to be my sisters.  I think this year's recruitment is going to be better, less crying. :P

I am super excited for bid day, for a few reasons.
First, NEW SISTERS! AND, I get to actually be there to see them. I thought I wasn't going to be able to, would have to go to Music Midtown for work. (hard life job, I know) BUT, I worked it out so I would take the later shift of students. I get to go to the first half of bid day, pictures on the Quad, all that jazz. So, I will still get to see and meet all my new and wonderful sisters! BUT, at 2, I take the late load of students to Music Midtown and see FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE. ugh. dead.

This Saturday is going to kick ass for all the reasons!

Hopefully it means internship as well as all the other exciting things.
Cross your fingers!


Also in case you care:

Happy Interview Days!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

...clean, healthy, & smart

A lot to do today. Mostly, patching the wholes in my life that I let slip by because of laziness.

So on my agenda:

- tidy my room and FINALLY finish organizing. (thanks to Ali for the storage container!) I really want to have a nice room this year, and I think the space has potential, I just have to get it together. I finally got chairs for the small common room, with them and Justin's tv/stand, I think it will look nice. They are just NICE dining chairs so it will still need some work, it will still look like a grown up room.

- eat healthy. I was doing that for a while, lost a good bit of weight, but then fell off the band wagon. I maintained, just did not lose, and did not always make the smartest decisions. Time to get back on it. Lose it and I will be seeing much more of each other these next weeks. I thought of an idea over the summer that I am going to make and implement today. It is for when I get bored or in a stump. When I first started counting calories, I loved it. I thought about calories in everything. After a few months I got bored, so I am creating two week challenges for myself. I saw an idea on pinterest where they put date ideas in a jar and draw them out, I am going to put 2 week challenges in a jar and draw them out every couple of weeks. Mix it up a bit. Every week should have counting, but if I meet my challenge and eat healthy for 2 weeks, Justin and I are going to do something fun. It used to be Margaritas...I want to go to the park or something!! We shall see. (I will post once I have made the jar with my ideas and how I did it, if you read this and have ideas...let me know!!!) Tes told me I had a lot of will power, time to put it back to use.

- HOMEWORK. so much homework. This is my semester to kick ass. I just have to do it.

And that's it yall. I suppose getting started would have been a better use of my time than writing this blog...but now I have songs on repeat and a tangible list of things to do.


Happy Sundays.

Saturday, September 15, 2012 Midtown

Weekends are the best when they start on Thursday.

Really though. It all started with my email on Thursday. See, I sent my resume to a consulting firm that my boss in Career Services works for. It was to apply for an internship which would be mostly virtual...since I don't have a car, that is a super good thing.
Quote from my email: "We reviewed your resume and want to have a preliminary call with you to review the goals and objectives of what we are looking for in an internship.  Also we would like to hear from you regarding what you want out of this internship."

So...ahhh!! I don't know if it is an interview, I am excited/nervous. but I think that this could be good. :)

After my email, work, and class, Justin and I began a 6 hour road trip to Paris Island for his brother's graduation from the Marines. Honestly it was one of the most enjoyable car rides in a while. We talked about everything, sang all the songs, (I heard Justin's real singing voice for the first time is not too bad, and having him let me hear it made me so happy). Best part? no steering wheels were hurt in this car ride. :p It really was so fun.

Then, when we got there (about 12:30am) we go down to the beach behind the condo and Justin shows me that when you kick the water in the dark, it sparkles. It reminded me of the glow worms in James and the Giant peach. The beach at night is kind of peaceful, kind of scary. You cannot see where the beach ends and the water begins. AND there were so many stars. It was beautiful.

After the beach, we went to sleep for a few hours then woke up at 5:40AM to go to his brother's graduation.

On the way back to PTC, we stopped in Macon and got to see my family.
I had mixed feelings, but I was very happy to see them. I really do miss them so much.
It was kind of a sad trip though because I found out my dad's kidneys are messing up despite big changes in his diet. They told me that last time he was at the doctor it was only working at 19% and he goes back in a month to find out if he needs to go back on dialysis. Scary. So keep him in your thoughts.

I only got to see them for about 15 minutes, but I was glad to see them.

Today I went back to Atlanta and got to go on adventures with Hillary and Tes. We first went to the Art's Festival at Piedmont. I got an adorable magnet, and got to make a collage.

The magnet, the colors are really vibrant in real life. 

My collage...ballerina 


closeup - the tutu is pleated sheet music. 

GOD, I love ballerinas. 

Then we went to Taste of the Trucks. It was AWFUL. But the walk was wonderful. I love nothing more than walking city blocks and enjoying everything around me. The people are beautiful, the buildings are beautiful, I like the side walks, the apartment, I like imagining my life in these places, I like to just take in everything. I want to just explore all the best things.

I really want to live near a park. It is my favorite thing. In some cute, tiny, old apartment. The kind of apartment that looks out of place surrounded by sky scrapers but has a bit of grass, maybe a tree. A dark metal balcony. An apartment too small to really live in, but perfect because the city is actually your apartment, you just pay rent to a place to keep your pillow.
I think I fell in love with Atlanta a little today. I never expected I would. I never though I would see a part where I felt like it is what I want to make my future.
I dunno if I want to stay here. I have too much of the world to see, but it is my home now. I feel planted here. I finally am letting myself out of my little pot and take up root somewhere else. It is nice to feel secure enough again to let this city in. I have only been here 4 years. It is hard to replant when you see your home disintegrate. But for now, if only for a moment, I will let Atlanta have my heart.

Maybe it is my new Macon. When I leave, I will represent strong. Who knows?

Anyway, when we were walking, I told them about a conversation I had with Justin yesterday where we told each other about where we saw each others lives in 20 years.
Justin and Tes both said I would be super successful, very very busy...too busy, well off, and slightly obsessed with being successful/making money. That is what I want with my life. My two best friends see that for my future...I think they may be on to something.

I want to be a oober successful woman who wears suits, spends too much time on her smart phone and at work, but has made something of herself. Honstly, I just want to be mobile, have the skills and the money to never be stuck.

Tonight, we are going to the Basement Theatre again for improv.

This is my favorite kind of day, walking, exploring, being a city kid and feeling like I am going to be ok.

Happy days.

Saturday, September 8, 2012 enough to not do laundry

I am having one of those moments were you suddenly have an overwhelming feeling that you need a little downtime. Nothing is particularly wrong and nothing has been particularly stressful, but you are just suddenly stressed out, overwhelmed, or at your limit.

I am having one of those kinds of moments. I need to just sleep it out. But...there is a floor full of clothes that need washing, a journal entry due tonight, homework to be done, and you just don't have time to take a nap.

But, I know I will anyway. In a few hours when I wake up, I may regret it or I may find it was exactly what I needed. Either way, it will inevitably happen and in the long run, it won't matter. 

Some things that are on my mind right now: 
I have a shrinking supply of clean clothes, and little will to walk to another building to wash my clothes. I want someone to do it for me, or sit with me while I do it. 
I want to have the money to do the things I want. 
I want a friend who is just like me when it comes to what we want to do and where we want to go.
I really need to buy new flats. 
I really need to save money. 
I don't have a car. (but I am going to Tes's today, and there is a Marshalls over there, so I think I will get some flats then)
I need to send my resume to 2 different people, but I am letting adding one section stall me from getting it done. 
I am worried that I am losing my friends. 
I am worried that I am mentally checking out of Oglethorpe too quickly. 
I am worried that the things that people used to find exciting about me are fading away. 
I am worried that I am becoming rude and greedy
I have fallen off track on my diet, I don't want my progress to get lost. 
I had a dream the other night that there was a huge fire that burned down my house, so now I am secretly afraid about what would happen if that actually happened. 
I worry most days that that will be the day we lose Mamaw. :( 
I don't have my social security card, birth certificate, or any of those important documents. 
I can't find my computer charger or one of my new earrings. 

but what is really on my mind right now is that I have a headache and laundry has consistently been the downfall of my moods. ugh. If I am ever rich, that is one thing I will pay to have done...or maybe when I no longer have communal laundry this will be easier.

and side note, I really am not sad, just thinking. Lots of thinking...but even more laundry. 

To my nap. The clothes can wait until tomorrow. 

:) Happy Saturdays. 

Friday, September 7, 2012 an improv show

Tes and I found one of Atlanta's best kept secrets today! AND we got some quality best FRAND time. Which is always perfect.

We spent the day doing what we do best, getting awesome stuff and having awesome experiences for no money. See, first we went to Last Chance, our thrifting staple. She needed a pot for her plant, I needed a pair of black flats...

I suppose I should interject with why I need new shoes. Well, this morning I had a meeting with Barb Henry to figure out how to get in touch with some alumni who work in HR, because I am thinking that is what I want to go into. On the way there, the sole comes off my flats! I try to tape it, but the grass was wet and it was just not I needed to get some shoes. (side note, it was such a helpful meeting, as of right now, I am confident that once I graduate, I will be ok) :)

...anyway, so we go to Last Chance, neither of us get what we need, but I find the PERFECT professional black blazer. I have been looking for one FOREVER, a teddy bear just in case I get a little, and this huge stuffed pokemon that I got for Justin. (I know this paragraph serves no purpose other than to tell you what I got, but I love thirfting...and who knows, you may care)

So after that, some dinner, and Hillary time, we go to my place to figure out what we are doing for the night. After some googling, we settle on a comedy club only 4 miles away that is $5 for students.

It was hilarious. I really had such a good time, and they based the first half of the show off Tes' name! It was great. It was a small crowd and I really feel like we found one of Atlanta's secrets. We are totally taking over Ogle-family style one weekend.

Funny thing, I ordered a few drinks while we were there, and since Tes isn't 21 yet, she had to keep getting soda. They picked at her, and she even got a swirly straw. XD

It really was a good time.

On the way home we grabbed 2 coffees from Dunkin; to end the night.

A few things I have realized: I drink too much coffee...I am turning into my father in that regard. AND, I think I like 30 yr old fun the best. You know, when you don't go out partying, but see a show, or have a dinner, or have a few drinks. haha, at least all the things we have gone to that I really enjoyed seemed to have a lot of people who looked to be in their 30s.
ah whatever, this was supposed to be a more eloquent and well thought out post, but it is what it is...and for a day, it was pretty good.

Happy weekend.