Tuesday, June 26, 2012

...wading in the water

Today I am sore, thankful, and very happy to post a blog!

So today Tes and I decide to go to the waterfalls. Well...there were more falls than water. (that pun will be really funny in a few minutes)

Anyway, we make the long walk down, to find that the waterfall is not much more than a trickle. So instead we decide to climb the falls, working our way about half a mile up the falls/creek to a secluded section with a bit more water.

On the way there we bought a big bottle of Cranberry Mike's, each drank about one serving, sat for a while and decided to head back down the creek. We get down just fine most of the way, slipping and sliding in our flipflops. When we get to the largest fall that we climbed up, we decided trying to make our way down the dirt and rock side was safer than climbing down the fall.

We climbed a little ways down on a flatter part, me leading. Then we got to a very steep, almost vertical drop with a dirt clearing in it.. I sit down to try to figure out how I will get down from there.

Once I sit, it was so steep, I just start sliding down the hill. As I was sliding, I tried to grab a huge rock that I passed, unable to get my grip on it, I kept going. I was not able to stop. At the bottom of the slide was a short flat area with a small (maybe 3ft long) wall off the side, and then a straight drop about 10 feet down of rocks and into what should have been the bottom of the falls, but with the drought, it was a rock floor.

I was terrified. I was scared I was not going to be able to stop before the drop. I felt like I was sliding fast and could feel my pants tearing and skin scraping. I felt so out of control. If I could just grab something. Even if I was dangling, I could figure something out. Other than the rock I missed, there was not nothing to grab.

Tes asked if I was ok, I told her I could not stop. I was actually really scared. She said I did not scream though. I suppose when I am panicked, I am pretty level headed. I really was worried I would not stop, and that would be it. Down to the rocks and who knows what that would have meant.

So, just before the short flat part before the drop, I stick my foot out, it catches on the wall, and I am able to stop.

I get up, try to gather myself, and feel the tears in my sweats.
At this point, I am banged up, bleeding, but ok! I turn to Tes and tell her I was ok, but advise her, from personal experience, to try to find another way down. She did. :)

While I waited for her to come down, I checked myself out, I will be sore for a few days. My pinky toe took the worst of it. It may be broken, but we are thinking it just jammed. I am holding it personally accountable for stopping my fall. Tes said it was fairies. Fairies, God, my pinky toe...somehow I stopped. 

When she got down, we looked up where I fell and realized I easily slid about 30 feet. Looking at it from the bottom, it seemed pretty far.

All and all, other than a scraped up leg and banged up feet and hands, all is well and I have a survivor story to tell!

Tes bandaged me up and now I have a hot pad on my shoulder, SVU and wine to end the night.

What an exciting day in Tennessee.
Yall, please make it a plan to play in the waterfalls at some point in your life, it is wonderful!
I can't wait to go back when there is water, but maybe I won't climb up this time! :)

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, June 25, 2012

...running through a corn field.

Finally in Tennessee!!

Today was full of spontaneity and adventures. I have a feeling that these will be the perfect summer days. You know the kind that you see in movies or read about in books?

Today as Tes and I were headed back to her house, she took me on the prettiest road in Franklin. On the drive I saw a corn field and asked Tes if we could take an ear of corn. She pulls over tells me to get out, grab an ear and run back in, she would be the get-away car.

Of course I grab an unripe ear and pull down half a stalk in the process. Between the two of us, I am city mouse to her country mouse.

As we drove away, Tes tells me that she thinks she knows a place we could walk through a corn field and get a couple ears. So, we head to her grandma's because there is a corn field next door. Once we park, we head to the field and start looking for one ripe ear each.

Of course I want to take pictures, so we start taking a ton of pictures. 

After looking through our pics, Tes says she wished she was wearing a different shirt, that she did not like the one she had on.

I look at her and say, "then take it off, run topless through the corn field!"

We look at each other, consider the option, and both take off running. (I should clarify, topless = shirtless, there were still bras on)

Running through the corn field in just your bra, with your best frand, while the sun is setting may just be the most exciting spontaneous summer moment ever.
I will go ahead and say it...YOLO.

Of course since I was there, we had to take pictures! (If you think you will be offended, just consider it like a swim suit. lol. Big girl in a bikini (bra), work it!)

I know...watch out Victoria. Janet and Tes are sharing the secrets now! (sometimes I crack myself up!)

Then, to make things even better, there was a barn cat named Dunkin who kept rubbing on our feet, and let us pick him up. 

At the end of the day, we end up with 2 (ripe) ears of corn and a perfect summer memory!

Now, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (new one), cheap wine and Cheese nips. 

Happy Summer Days. :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012


My day!

Yall, today was relaxing and wonderful. Being out of the bubble this weekend has been perfect. It is offering me some clarity that I know that I need, and to be perfectly honest, a much needed break. I am always at Oglethorpe. It does not help that I have no car, because other than work, I am on campus constantly. But this weekend/week is a perfect break. Ronshalee's for the weekend and starting the week in Nashville with Tes. I cannot wait. 

Girl time and figure out my life time with each of them. And girl time with Ronshalee and Tes means one thing...shopping. But not shopping like everyone else, no. Buying simply wonderful things for next to nothing. 

Honestly, I have not gone shopping just for stuff since probably fall semester. Today, we just went. Sure, I had a few things I was on the lookout for, things I needed, but nothing I really HAD to have. 

I ended up getting 3 things. 3 simply wonderful purchases that I am insanely proud of. 

First I got a pair of practical, adorable, black heels for only $4. Then a new bra for $3. And then, wait for it...the big purchase that kept me in the dressing room for about 20 minutes debating if I needed it, if I should spend the $12, if the 2 hours of work this dress cost was worth it. 
I bought it anyway. Still debating the whole day if it was a good investment. 

When I got to Ronshalee's apartment, we tried on our outfits, and buyers remorse was instantly gone. The dress is beautiful. I feel so pretty in it and I can't wait to wear it. :) 

Me and Ronshalee. :)
Results from our mini-photoshoot. XD 

Happy Shopping Days! 


I wish I were future Janet, because she has all the secrets. She knows how things turn out...and even better than that, she knows how I get there.

I will probably make 2 posts tonight. I will post about my day later. :)

For now, something that has been weighing on my mind a lot recently. 

What do I do after this year? 

I can't stop thinking about it. Saving money in preparation has become something of an obsession. With the exception of going out on my tip money, I am constantly thinking about chipping away at the student loan debt.

It is one thing that I know for sure will benefit future-Janet.
I have a really bad habit of putting a lot of undue stress on future-Janet. Need to pack? Oh, tomorrow-morning-Janet will do it. Need to pay my dues? Oh, next-month's-paycheck-Janet will do it.
I do not want my loans to become 6-months-out-of-college-Janet's problem when cupcake-saleswoman-Janet can take care of some of the debt now. 

I am slowly becoming more comfortable with becoming an adult. I am responsible for ALL my financial obligations. I am getting a new phone on Monday, and I have already paid off my cell phone bill for a year. I even made a rule. No smart phone until half of my loans are paid off. Well, at least no smart phone on my dime. (If I work for a company willing to give me an iphone...who am I to turn it down?) 

I am supposed to study for and take the GRE this summer. Right now though, I do not even know if I want to go to Grad school right away. I know I should just take it anyway, get the test out of the way...but maybe I am scared. Maybe that it means a commitment to something, a step into my uncertain future.

Ok, confession. What I am really most terrified about is getting stuck. We all get stuck somewhere, eventually. I just don't want to look at my life and be happy because I made the most of a circumstance, or of a place. I am so scared that I will fall into a trap that will limit and stifle my growth. I want to make the most of my life, not just the most of my location or my financial situation. 

Ah. I want to go to grad school right away, but I do not know for what. I really have no idea where to start. So take a step into my future, and I am not even sure what I will step out onto? That does not seem like a good ides. I mean I did OU on a whim and that turned out great...but I am not ready to commit my life to a whim.

Then, what if I don't go to school? Well, I have 6 months to find a job. 
A job that at least covers a place to stay and preferably health insurance. Because, right now, my parents can't afford to have me back home (I don't want to move back to Macon anyway) and without OU, I lose both my health insurance and secure residence. Once I have those things squared away will I even be able to contribute to student loan debt? 

So that is where I'm at right now. I am trying to figure out how to not get stuck.
I suppose step one and 2 are GRE and tackle these loans. Those have to get done regardless. 

Can I be in the security of the bubble forever? I mean, I do not want to work at OU, I don't want to stay in Atlanta, or the south east actually....I want something new. But I want what OU represents. Home and support. I want to always be surrounded my Ogle-family and know that I will at least have a bed in Dempsey to crash on at night.

Grown ups move on though. They take on new challenges, and I suppose leaving behind my castle-shaped security blanket will by my biggest challenge yet. Gotta do what you gotta do. 

Happy Thoughts. :) 

Friday, June 22, 2012

...eating cookie dough

Can I just start by saying how in love I was with this week, and how much I am looking forward to the upcoming week? Perfect!

Rather than back tracking about my week, I will just summarize by saying it was full of Ru Sans, PF Changs, Sister bonding, Mockingjay, Justin, cupcakes, and attempts to get my life together.

Today, I started the day with work in Res Life and then began the journey to see RONSHALEE!!
The trip consisted of a walk to MARTA, train ride, bus ride on the Marietta bus and then finding Ronshalee.
That was the plan at least. Well, what ended up happening was I walked to MARTA, rode the train to the right station and even got on the right bus. It was finding the right stop that proved to be difficult. See in my confusion, I got off about 6 miles too early. It put me outside a neighborhood, on a highway with no sidewalks and no public points of reference. So, I head up the road about half a mile, end up crossing some river, and find a Kroger. There I patiently wait for Ronshalee. In the midst of all this, my phone dies...mid conversation with Justin. Needless to say, I was a little lost, and not exactly on time to see Ronshalee.

While I waited for her to pick me up I spent some time sitting outside a Kroger, reading Mockingjay and trying to not get my dress too sweaty.

Once I was with Ronshalee she showed me her HUGE apartment and we took a trip to the mall, explored Marietta, and ate some fabulous Marietta's Pizza Co. and then watched a last-resort (you know, last minute pick when 3 Red boxes don't have the movie you want) exorcism movie (which was awful) and are now hoping our second movie choice will be better. (so far, so good)

When we were in the store getting stuff to go with our movie, Ronshalee asked what I wanted to dessert, I half jokingly/half seriously answered, "cookie dough."
Ronshalee stops, hugs me, tells me that there is a reason we are best friends, and we head to the cookie dough section. So here we are, wine, cookie dough, and movie #2.

Happy Ronshalee Days, and happy big-little bonding! :) 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

...cuddling with Jilly

So guess what?
Guess who is going to be my new roommate?

Guess who is so excited? ME!!!!
I even decorated his door. 

He is on his way now! :) 

I am very excited that he is coming because it put some sunshine on a pretty sad day for me. 
Remember my dog Jackie who passed away? Well he had a sister who has been with him since birth, appropriately named Jill. Well, apparently Jill had a stroke last night and became paralyzed in 90% of her body. My mommy called because they had to put her down today. I will be honest. It tore me up. It makes me tear up now. 

See, when I lived at home and did not have a bunk bed, Jilly always slept with me. She taught me how to cuddle and I loved that dog to death. I am really glad I got to see her when I went home. 

I remember when I was little and a pet died, Charlotte, Katie, Lizzie, everyone would come over, and we would console each other. When my baby Shadow passed away, there were there in 5 minutes flat. 
It has been a while since I cried when I lost a pet. Since moving to Atlanta, I just did not get attached. But we have had Jill for like 10 years, she was the last pet that I really was attached to. I did not expect to cry, but let me tell you, I needed the old crew to console me today. 

It's ok though. She is being cremated and her ashes will be scattered on Jack's grave. Maybe a red fern will grow. :) 

So for little Jilly. 

Anyway, enough with the sad stuff. So, Justin found out how many hours I will be working this summer. 20 a week! That is the most I have ever worked at any job! I am so excited. I will be working with Chad too, and we will work together in Career Services in the fall. Dream Team! With the support of Captain Moldova (Tatiana) , we will be unstoppable. XD 

Speaking of Career Services, I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do. I mean, it is time to figure it out. Do I want to continue immediately? Do I want to take the GRE? try to get a job? I just still do not know what I want to do. Caroline gave me a test today, and we are going to try to figure it out. :) I will let you know what I find out. 

Grown up decisions will be made. 

For now though, I'm going to enjoy my new roommate. 

Happy Dog Days. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Ready for more cupcake confessions? Yeah? Because work today was nuts.

Let me preface this by saying I would much rather open than close. I know more people come in later in the day. I know tips are much better later in the day...but when you open, it is so peaceful. While a few people come in grumpy from being awake so early, most people are in the most wonderful mood. The people who are generally in a good mood are even more pleasant at the thought of cupcakes and coffee, and the people who get grouchy as the day goes on...well, there has not been enough time in the day to ruin their mood yet. So most people are fairly happy. 

Plus, when you open (assuming the person who closed did so properly) you can get everything set up just so, start fresh, put the table cleaner just where you want it, refill everything so you don't have that mid point in the day where you realize that you need to get more cups, sleeves, etc. You prepare everything, so everything can be perfect. 

When you come in later to close, you are at the mercy of whoever worked before you. Lets hope they made more cupcake boxes, washed the dishes, and put new filters in the coffee pot. 

Today, everything was ready. Only down side? We were out of $5 bills and $10 bills, but the person working before me ran to the store and got some.

Exciting part about coming in today? Today I had an assignment. I had to prepare a HUGE order. (like few hundred $ order) 
So I began boxing what was seemingly a million kiddie cupcakes, and then the challenge, the rest of the order. I had to box someone's wedding cake. Ah. AND, the cake had a fondant bow on it with papertowels in between the loops of the bow to help it hold its shape during the day. I had to remove the paper towels and not break the bow. I did it. go me. preparing the largest order of my life, for one of the biggest days in someone else's life.  

My jobs have had me encountering some pretty important moments in people's relationships. Once I saw someone get engaged at the library. I even got to tell the girl to go up to the Juvenile reading room so she could go, look out the window and see her boo. Funny thing? I went to highschool with the kid. XD 

Anyway, so when the woman came to pick up her cupcakes, I had to help her load them in the car. Of course, at that time, like 5 customers come in and a line formed. I got it together though, made my way through the line and it turned out ok. :) 

I love that my job gives me responsibility like this. Good skills for minimum wage. 

The rest of the day continued to be a little crazy, people in and out. And then...the register starts messing up. It stops reading credit cards. Thank goodness one of my boss' friends/coworker was in the shop and helped me improvise. One customer even paid for the people in front of him's orders because he had cash and they did not. (people can still be wonderful). After about 2 hours, the machine gets back to working and it is finally time to close. 

Another thing I don't like about closing....closing. I love opening because when you are done...well...you are done. With closing, you still have to clean, put everything away, take out the trash, everything. 

It is worth it though. Remember my post when I wished I was made of money? Well, working my ass off selling cupcakes is helping increase that savings account and maybe one day I won't have to check my bank account before I go to dinner. Maybe one day a new pair of sneakers, bra, or haircut won't be a balance-depleting investment. 

For now however, my life runs on tips, cupcakes, and cappuccinos. (and today I sold a lot of cupcakes, a lot of cappuccinos, and it was my highest tip day) :)

So there you go, confessions of a cupcake sales woman. Tomorrow I open. I can't wait. I love love love working Sunday mornings. 

Think you will need a cupcake or coffee pick-me-up? well stop by The Cup! (and our credit card reader is working again!) 

Happy Saturdays.

Friday, June 15, 2012

...made of money

I feel like I did everything in the world today.

Check it. I worked in Res Life for most of the day, finished and sent off my scholarship application, had a meeting, went out to lunch, worked out for an hour, created a linked in profile (connect with me...I think that is the terminology), cooked dinner and drank some tea.

Ok, maybe not everything, but for some reason, I feel like I accomplished a lot.
I think it has something to do with being up and doing things at 9am. That is a grown up time, and waking up early really does add more hours to the day.

Except I work tomorrow, 2 to close at The Cup. And I hope morning Janet does not try to sleep in until noon, taking away most of my day. That has happened.
I think I am finally getting my first paycheck for the summer! Yay for savings and starting to budget. Uh, that will be the hard part, saving money and sticking to a budget. There are just so many fun summer things that, in the moment, seem so worth it.

But I have school loans to pay off, and I need to be able to have a sustainable life after college. AND I do not want to have all the fun now, only to not later because I have not saved any money for these loans.

I just want to be successful so bad, have a good life.
I have to remember that everytime I pull out my debit card to go to dinner or get someone a present. I just love buying people presents. I really really do.

For now though, I need to go to sleep. Work tomorrow, and I don't want snooze-button-prone morning Janet to steal away my day.

It feels like it has been forever since I sold some cupcakes. But, I return to my cupcake sales woman life for the weekend. So stop in for a cupcake or some coffee!

short, sleepy rambles. bed-by-1am rambles. Hopefully, wake-up-before-11am rambles.

happy sleep.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

...catching fireflies

Today was a good day. :)

I suppose Justin visits make most days good, but especially today, see today was an extra special visit!
Justin spent the night last night because this morning he had a meeting with the Education First people about the job that he has been interviewing for.

Fun fact I learned last night.
Did you know Justin has never caught fire flies before? I know, poor boy. Last night, after frantically looking for a Subway that was open until 11pm (found one!) we intended to try to find some, but we ended up laying around and watched a movie instead. But now we will have the rest of the summer to pencil it in. I suppose it will be a spontaneous adventure, I think he will like that more. ;)
Once, last summer...we were going on a late walk (or something like that...he will remember better than me) and we headed to the baseball field to walk on the stadium. The sprinklers were on. I saw this as the ideal opportunity to throw caution to the wind and let loose. Play in the sprinklers. At first Justin did not want to, but once he gave in, it was hard to get him to stop. That continues to be one of my favorite Oglethorpe memories and my favorite memory with Justin.

As usual, unexpected rant.

Anyways, so this morning we woke up, he went to his meeting, and I went to work. (I work in Res Life during the week) When we got there we waited for his director to arrive and for me to get an assignment. When they came they seemed very happy to see him and said they would like to talk to me later as well.

So, as has happened a few times this summer, I very patiently scanned (tried to think of excuses to walk by the door and read Justin's body language to figure out what they were saying) and waited for him to be free. Then they left (for a tour or something) and I tried to focus on my work. When I ran out of work, I swept the office with a Hogwart's Day broom and file folder dust pan. Glamorous.

Then, finally, they came back, and Justin came to where I was sweeping. HE GOT A JOB. employment. yayayayayayayayayayay. It was quite exciting. AND, it means Justin will be here a lot this year, hell, he will be working here. :)
I still have to get used to that...I had gotten so accustomed to the idea of my senior life without Justin...it was my attempt to be a big girl. But there you have it, senior year complete with all my favorite people.
I am very excited.

Then I went in and talked to them, and they asked if I would work over the summer part time at the reception desk, doing desk work, answering questions, doing what Justin needs me to do. (see, I applied to be their summer RA, but they said they did not need a female RA because they have a female staff member.) Basically, for this job, Justin would be my boss. Crazy right? When they told me I would do all the things Justin needs help with, I thought to myself, "well that is easy, I already do!" Honestly when they were talking about it, I was not thinking about doing it for pay. Haha, shows I am a college student right? Assuming I would be free labor, but they mentioned it and I will get paid. :)
Yay, my hunt for a second summer job is over! very exciting. This girl does not need food stamps this summer! and perk? my best friend is my boss. Good thing we work very well together!
I do not think they know how close Justin and I are and that sometimes we are joined at the hip. I suppose they will soon find out. :)

Anyway, so after all that, we had to celebrate.
It is his day, so he gets to pick how. He chooses going to the gym. :) silly boy.
So we do that, and yall, I made Justin stay for a whole hour and a half. He did not ask me to stay that long, I asked him. :) Honestly, I have been so nervous to work out with Justin. He is so fit...and, well, I am so not. I like to go to the gym by myself, when I think there will be the fewest people, take my book and zone out. It was actually a lot of fun! I saw Justin run for the first time, and I even ran too, and he said I ran well! Good things.

Sorry yall, the cable is out again and it causes rambling and I have many exciting things to ramble about today. :) I am not nearly done yet.

So after the gym, Justin wants to go see if Dr. Zinner is in her office. Great. Faculty already make me nervous, especially psych faculty, especially when I am with Justin...participating in a conversation with Justin and a psych professor...talk about feeling like the dumb one...and now, I have to try to stay afloat in this conversation while simultaneously ignoring the fact that I smell like a sweaty foot.
But, it is his day, he is employed, so we go.
It  was actually really enjoyable. We stayed there for a while and not only did I leave with plans to do some research on a potential new direction for my life (my life gets a new direction every few months...) but Dr. Zinner has these ballerina pictures on her wall, and I LOVE ballerinas, so she sent me the link to this awesome blog! for real, check it out, the images are stunning.


Am I too old to still want to be a ballerina?

After getting changed into something nice, we went to dinner.
Earlier in the year, Justin's dad got a coupon and gave it to us for this very nice steak house, so we figure, no better day to celebrate than today!
It is called Red and Green Brazillian Steak House. It does not look like much on the outside, but the inside may be one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever been into. Even their bathrooms were gorgeous. See, I believe that you can tell how nice a place really is by the way they decorate and upkeep their bathrooms.

This dinner was so so so good. Oh, I want more now! It was like Fogo de Chao, you flip your card and they just bring you cuts of meat. We even got wine! I am still not getting used to being old enough to drink at dinner. Makes me feel classy.

After dinner Justin left.

And I fell asleep. Not for long though, because I got a call from one of the scholarships I apply for every year. I missed the deadline this year, and I could kick myself for it. It happens when you are couch hopping I guess, but still. Come on Janet...get it together. But, they called me and told me I can still get my application in! I am too excited! This has really been a day of everything falling into place. :)

Justin has a job, I have another part time job (which will really help to save some money for student loan debt), and I have a chance to apply for this scholarship and maybe save a bit more debt!  I really feel so fortunate today.

I would say today was almost as good as catching fire flies will be. Almost. :)

Happy employment day.

Monday, June 11, 2012

...wishing on dandelions

Today I woke up with a goal.
Get things done.
So after talking to Justin this morning (afternoon), getting ready for the day, and eating breakfast (lunch), I headed out to get my life together.

Actually, before I even left, I needed to make dinner reservations for Wednesday. So, how about that time that the place is closed on Monday. Gotta do that tomorrow.

First stop, mail room. I assumed I had mail for 2 reasons:
1. I have not checked my mail in a while.
2. Justin told me I had a surprise coming to me in some way...I assumed it was by mail.

Well, lucky me. Both my Glamour magazine AND the most adorable card (Justin's surprise) in the world came for me!

It is all kinds of perfect!!! The inside says "I couldn't wish for a better friend!" and it is a squirrel. 

I know, spoiled. :) 
But really, a squirrel blowing a dandelion. Making wishes no doubt. This is my life. 
See, I don't believe in bad luck, only good luck. Actually I really do not believe in luck at all...but that is another rant for another day. So, for today's purposes, lets say I only believe in good luck. I make every wish I can, on dandelions, stars, eyelashes. If you can wish on it, I do. I always have one running wish that tides me over until something else is seemingly more important. So almost every few days I wish. I often end my wished with an "Amen." I do not even know what I believe any more, I don't know if I even believe anything...but I do it anyway, just in case. 
I suppose it is kind of like a quick prayer or drawing a cross on my hand with my finger when I see an ambulance or find my thoughts wandering in to dangerous territory (like what would I do if my mom died? that sort of thing). 
I do not know what it does, maybe my these tiny acts without any real commitment are just slaps in God's face. Maybe they are habit, formed out of my 18 years of regular church. Maybe it is because, regardless of what I believe, I liked the community and the people that some sort of belief gave me. Maybe it is the fact that I am still wondering, scared to give anything up completely. Who knows, it is my agnostic life. Claiming agnostic leaves me with remnants of Christianity, an open mind, and plenty of questions. I suppose that whatever I settle on in life, so long as I am still open to new ideas and still curious I will be ok. 

All that to say, a squirrel blowing a dandelion is really perfect. 

Anyway. After checking my mail, I had to stop by financial aid. 
2 main objectives:
see about a GRE fee waiver and get a special circumstances packet. I have to come back for the waiver, and can't turn in the packet for a few weeks. :/ 

Next stop library. 
I went in to check out The Glass Castle. It was my favorite book of all time. It might still be, but I forget most of it..so I will let you know once I read it again. I just remember connecting with the story so strongly, not because it was just like me...but because it was dysfunctional bliss. Idk. I need to read it again and I will let you know. 
I also needed to get more movies. I was thinking of watching Corpse Bride for a 3rd time, but I realized that was excessive. So I got, Big Fish, Ed Wood and Sleepy Hollow. I understand, I have a problem, but if my biggest issues involve an need to watch Johnny Depp or more Tim Burton movies, then I think that is ok. :) 
I actually have not seen Ed Wood or Sleepy Hollow, so this will be exciting! :) 

Finally I stopped by Career Services to talk to Caroline. I have big plans for my job this year, and I am excited to get started! :) 

And now, gym, dinner, laundry and clean EVERYTHING. I have company coming tomorrow and everything must be tidy. 
Oh my, the day Justin becomes no more than company will be a sad day. However, I should clean anyway, he deserves a clean room to visit. :)

Happy errands day. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

...on the megabus

So right now I am updating my Window's Live Calendar. Did you know it emails you your schedule everyday? I got mine to start doing it last semester, it makes me feel important, like I have a secretary just to keep me on top of things.
Well, since school got out it keeps emailing me, "You have no events planned for..."
Now it is updated. Let me tell you, I have a lot of fun and exciting events planned for the summer! :)
A lot of work too.

This week I get Justin on Tuesday night and Wednesday! And we are going to eat a bougie dinner on Wednesday. :)

Then, on Friday I get to see...wait for it....RONSHALEE!!! Finally reunited.
Best part? I do not have to spend half the time in the Library, or running off to this or that. I just get to have time watching countless episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and planning my wedding with Ronshalee. AND I get to finally see her school and her turf, so to speak.
I am sooo excited.

Then, a week of work.

Then NASHVILLE to see TES! Oh my god.
:D megabus.com if you travel with anything else, well....go ahead, throw away your money...actually save me an hour or 2 of work and just give it to me. I am working on saving money. :)
Come on. Think about it. Bus ride with free wifi, on possibly the only double-decker buses in the states, for only like $6.
I am also planning to go visit my Aunt Lizzie in Charlotte and travel by Megabus. (Those tickets are like $3.)

My summer has me all over the Southeast.
Nashville, Charlotte, and on July 1st I am going somewhere in Mississippi with Justin.
I will be a traveled woman.
I need one of those pinboards so I can track the amazing places college has taken me. I would love one...hmm summer project? Or maybe I will put it in my memory book. That could work....if I ever finish it. See I started it freshman summer. I put EVERYTHING on my wall for the past 3 years with the intention that when I pack to leave I will put it in my book. It is not fancy. Black, spiral bound sketch book with some of my freshman year collaged together so there is no white left on the page, more of a collage than anything. (Ha, collage of college). I was super pumped to get it done summer '10....well it is summer '12 and with the exception of about 7 pages, everything is in a folder. One day I suppose. When it is done it will be an beautiful, overstimulating, almost tacky collection of my college life. Or I will keep the folder, I kind of like that too. :)
(but yall, I really did keep everything! My broken APO pledge pin is there, the flier from my first college night at the high, my door dec from freshman year, even the envelope my key came in! everything.)

anyway. That is my rambling for the day, ramblings of places. I suppose when these exciting things start happening I will have more to talk about and you will get less of my jumbled thoughts. But for now, this is my life. This and cupcakes...and Tim Burton.

The cable is out at school and having something playing in the background is a summer norm. Last summer I watched CNN all day, everyday. I think I was smarter last summer, more informed. This summer it is mostly Say Yes to the Dress and Family Guy. This is what not having classes does to me. haha.
Since the cable is out, I am busting out my movie collection. By collection I mean the 7 movies I own, 3 of which are Tim Burton (and my absolute favorites). So, so far I have watched Corpse Bride twice, Edward Scissorhands once, and am making my way through Nightmare for the 2nd time.
(take into consideration that for the first times for Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas, I was asleep)
gosh, these movies never get old.

Well that is enough talking for tonight, Jack Skellington is calling my name.

Happy Summer Adventures.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

...eating a cupcake

Best thing about closing one night and opening the next?
You know exactly where everything is in the morning and you are so tired that you go to bed at a reasonable hour.

ok, I suppose that is 2 things, but whatever. It is my life and I am exhausted.

So when you close, if any cupcakes are starting to get stale or the toppings got really messed up, or they are just not sell-able, you get to take them home. There were 3 today. So, I gave in and ate one. I threw the other 2 out, but I did eat one.

See, apparently cupcakes are not good for me, so I have been resisting the urge to eat one. (When there was the chocolate covered pretzel a few weeks back, it was hard to resist...but I did). But today was the first time I closed and there it was, the perfect crumbled unsell-able cupcake. Chocolate chip cookie, with cheesecake baked inside.

I gave in. I suppose it is my cupcake indulgence for the month. Pretty good for being a cupcake sales woman and telling people all day long about how delicious they are.
It was so good, and probably worth it. :)

What I really want to try is our Green Tea Cuppaccino. But I would have to buy it....so I have not tasted it yet. One day though.

AND today I got really good tips! Atleast for my job and compared to the usual. I got $17!! See, no one thinks to tip the Barista. But yall, I am in that store, by myself, trying to get your cupcakes, make you lattes and do the dishes and wipe tables at the same time. Sometimes the ice maker breaks, sometimes we run out of nickles, sometimes I accidentally spill your drink and have to starytover.  That smile on my face is all for you customer. When we have a funny conversation, I love it, really makes the job fun and worth while.

Ever since I started working at the Cup, I realized that you just gotta tip your barista, or fro yo server, or ice cream man, or whatever the person may be. Even though they are not your waiter, they are still with you throughout your entire purchase. They are still expected to give you good service and get you your product in just a couple of minutes.
Minimum wage work is sore-feet hard. And sometimes, it is even mentally challenging. Like, how do you make an iced latte when the ice maker is broken and the extra bag of ice is frozen solid?  :)
So now, even if it is just 50 cents, I tip the person at the counter.

And tomorrow, waking up, going to work, opening by myself and getting the store set up in 30 minutes. I got this. :)

I really do actually like my job a lot. Knowing how to work an expresso machine makes me feel kind of powerful actually. Good skills to have.

Well, there you have it. This has been my cupcake ramblings. Confessions of a cupcake saleswoman.
And if this post has made you hungry, well stop by The Cup tomorrow! I will be working. :)

oh yeah, and you know...tip your barista.

Happy Work Day.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

...at the Trucker's Chapel

Emily, here is your daily dose of Janet! This post is dedicated to my family and people who are like family.

Yesterday  I woke up, went to work in Res Life and scanned while I very patiently (constantly checking the door, trying to distract myself with what I was scanning) waited for Justin to arrive. See yesterday was a big day. Yesterday we had an exciting adventure planned. Yesterday I was going to leave my painfully slow and repetitive summer life in the bubble for a road trip home. That, and the fact that it had been like a week and a half (I swear it felt like a month) since I saw Justin, gave yesterday the potential to be a very exciting day. :)

After some quick lunch, we hit the road.
During the drive home, I was nervous and excited.
Nervous because I was letting Justin into so much more of my life. So much that I have only told him but never taken him to see, my Macon life. I was also nervous, because I have not seen Mamaw since Christmas and since then, just by talking to her on the phone, I can tell that her mind is going. I was nervous that she would not remember who I was because I was never around and I would just feel guilty for leaving.
That being said, I was so excited to be home. To see my family, to introduce Justin to Mamaw and my cousins, see my Macon staples. It was a packed and seemingly perfect day. It turned out perfectly. No reason to be nervous.

We headed straight to my house. They had a tree cut down that morning, so the power was out at the house, but we went to my room, and the windows let in plenty of light. Mine and my sisters stuff was still in the boxes, and I started going through some of my old stuff, showing it to Justin. I found exactly what I was looking for! When I was little, I started collecting old pennies, and my dad gave me some of his old collection. I have some as old as 1860 from him, and my oldest find was a 1899 one. I found them all!

We then got in the car and headed to follow my parents to Mamaw's new nursing home. When we got there, I was so excited because my Aunt Lizzie was still there visiting and I have not seen her in forever! Literally, it has been at least a year, probably more. We then saw Mamaw and spent a few hours talking to her.

It was an experience. Mamaw had me cracking up. It did take some time for her to recognize me, and she kept trying to figure out who everyone was and how we were related to her. She has gone down hill so fast. She can barely see and her memories is awful. Justin told me that he felt like it was such a graceful way to age. He said she is slowly losing connection with what is keeping her here. She has a hard time seeing, so she is not taking in new memories, and the ones she still has are beginning to fade away. He was impressed by how calm she was with the whole situation. She knows her memory is slipping, but she simply asks to be reminded and enjoys the moments she is in. It was her 97th birthday and it was an enjoyable moment.

It breaks my heart a bit to think about, 97. I know she may not have another birthday left in her, and if she does, chances are she won't even know when it comes again. She told us she was probably about 83, but felt 55. That is a really good thing. She is happy and if this was her last birthday, then I can tell it was good for her. She was surrounded by people she loved. I hope she has 20 more in her. I used to make her promise to live to be 120. She told me she would try her hardest. So far, she has kept that promise.

I really would love for her to see 100. She used to tell Pachan and I that when people get that old, the president sends them a birthday card. After 90, she got a Christmas card from Bush. I want her to get that birthday card!

We talked to Mamaw about all sorts of things. She kept forgetting Justin's name. After he would remind her, she would make guesses at who he was to her. Through out the afternoon he became my brother, son and husband. :) She then told Justin, Pachan and I how old we looked. She told each of us twice.
First round:
Janet - 21
Justin - 31
Amanda - 26

Janet - 19
Justin - 25

She would feel our face and tell us we had a young face. Justin wonders what criteria she used to guess. She does not have vision to tell. Who knows, but it was so nice to be able to talk to her. :)

After we left the nursing home, we had a walking date with Katie. I wanted to show Justin the street behind my house. I remember when we were little, my friends and I would walk around the street, pick out our future homes and imagine our lives as neighbors forever. What was even more exciting was when we would stumble across one for sale with a "Take-one" sign.
We always took one.
Read about everything inside.
These were the nicest houses we knew about at the time.
Justin and I did that once. On one of my first trips to Peachtree City sometime last year. Golf cart ride looking for take-ones. Let me tell you, after grabbing the PTC take-ones, I quickly realized we were not in Macon anymore.
These take-ones put the Macon ones to shame. On my street, you had a porch and no garage or carport, or you had a stoop and a garage or carport. Oxford houses had both. PTC house had all that, lake front property, a pool...it goes on and on.
Who cares. My pretend Oxford home still takes my breath away.

It was good to see Katie. She has changed a lot. So beautiful.
Our relationship is really different as well.
We only get an occasional hour-long visit when I finally make it home to Macon.
Conversation is still seamless though. I still die laughing. However, I can tell it has been too long. We have forgotten our forever-old secret hand shake. That is my fault I guess, growing up.
Regardless, being back on my old streets with my old Duckie was the perfect taste of home.

After the walk it was time to see my cousins. I am not sure if I have talked about them in my blog before, but let me fill you in on how important they are to me.
Milton and Jason are like my brothers. They lived with us for a while, and we fought like siblings. However, I think that was such a fortunate thing, because they are my immediate family. I do not understand this extended family nonsense. Cousins, extended family? No. My cousins are as immediate as family can be. My cousins support me through anything, and I do the same. Bottom line.
Family love right there.

I had not seen them, Emily, or my Aunt Lizzie in probably like a year, more even. I was so excited! We were having dinner with them, and it was so nice to be reminded that going to Macon was not limited to my parents, support was not limited to my parents. I have people who care about me and no matter what happens, I have places to go. It is such a nice feeling.

Milton also told me how proud he was of me, how proud they all are. I got away from Macon and am out doing things for myself, breaking the mold. It almost makes feeling guilty to depriving Mamaw of her last chances of Janet-memories worth it. Almost.
I am trying, and now, after this trip, I realize I have so many more people that I am working for. It is not just for myself, for my future, it is for my family. For that reason, I have to kick some ass and make something of myself. Gotta represent the Family.

We ate so well! After eating only my attempts at cooking, the cafeteria, and taco bell for the past few months, it has been a long time since I had such a wonderful family-made meal.
I don't care if a restaurant has 5 stars and the Queen of England flies in for their food, there is nothing like having your family make something for you. I guess they cook in the love that adds a kick of flavor, beats any restaurant, anyday.

But, I won't just tell you...check it out and let your mouth water.

We took some family pictures before we left and I got to ask Milton how he liked Justin. I got a "he is cool as hell," and from Milton, that is quite a compliment! They invited us back anytime and are going to come visit me at school. Aunt Lizzie even invited me and Justin to come and stay with her in North Carolina! I looked at but tickets today, I just have to figure out my work schedule! :)

It is so nice to be reconnected with my family again. I kept telling Justin, this is where I came from. This is my lifeline, and I am damn proud of it.

After saying our goodbyes, we had Dairy Queen planned with Magz. I kept trying to tell Justin the story of this Dairy Queen, but we kept getting distracted! 
So I will tell it now, one day, when we were little, my mom got all the kids on my street (Me, Pachan, Katie, her brother Trey, Charlotte, her siblings Kiley, Casey and Sam) and piled us into the car and bought us all dairy queen. 
Pachan and I used to go here with my mom after a shopping trip. 
After I got my ears pierced with Kiley (Charlotte's sister) we all stopped to get some DQ. This DQ used to have a back booth where people signed the wall. Charlotte started to write her name and as soon as she got 3 letters on the wall, Kiley tattled. Figured. For a while the "Cha" was still there. They have since remodeled, but it is nice to know that it is there, under the boards. "Cha." 
Finally, the summer between my freshman and sophomore year, Magz and I used to go to that dairy queen whenever we had a hard day or were upset or stressed. 
So, we headed there yesterday. 

How about that time we got there at 10:30, the inside closes at 10:25. 

So starbucks instead. 

I think this picture is so cute of them both. 

After Starbucks we planned to meet Elizabeth. I have not seen her in about a year. WAY TOO LONG. We were finally both 21. What does she want to do? Grab some drinks. So as Justin and I sit at Starbucks with Maggie, we ask Magz's Siri....Where can we get Margaritas? Everything Siri gave us was closed. We figured we would let Lizzie tell us, and headed to pick her up. 

After some deciding, we went to Rivalries and officially too Justin to his first Straight Bar. What a moment to share. 
Since it was a Wednesday, the bar was not crowded. We got some drinks (after the bartender judged Justin for only getting sour mix) we headed to play pool. Pool is free on Wednesdays. Lucky us. :) 

We each won a set, me winning the last one. I must say, perfect ending to a perfect stay in Macon. 

Of course, having big-girl, grown-up fun with Elizabeth was wonderful. even though I was not dressed for a bar and left with my clothes smelling like smoke (everytime we leave the Greater Atlanta area, I swear, Justin and I end up smelling like smoke...everytime). 
Again, it is so weird to transition in to "adult" ways of hanging out with people. I am doing it gracefully, dinner, drinks, bar. It happens. 

Finally, we ended our time in Macon and got on the road to PTC, or so we thought. Justin and I tried to stopped to grab some Taco Bell on the way up.  The first Taco Bell was an Express...and that just was not the same and we did not stop, although, we did find this treasure: 

The second Taco Bell we found closed 10 minutes before we pulled up. As we began to look for another, I get a call from Elizabeth's mom's cell. Of course, in Lizzie's tipsy state, she forgot her purse...drivers license, wallet, phone, all....in Justin's car. We were about halfway to Atlanta, so an hour out of Macon.

We turned around, met her and her mom half way, and carried on. Justin did not even blink, acting like nothing happened even though it added 30 minutes to his drive and we never got Taco Bell

We finally made it to Peachtree City sometime after 3 (or some other obscene hour). Of course, I forgot to pack pajamas. Last time I spent the night I also forgot pajamas. Last time however, I had my swimsuit and just slept in that. This time, I had uncomfortable jean shorts and a shirt that reeked of smoke. I had to change. 
So, Justin began to dig through his room. When he tells you he wore stuff WAY too big when he was younger, he is being honest. Sure enough, he found a pair of basketball shorts that I could get into. 

With that, the day was over. We finished our second day Macon more memories. (Justin came up with that gem. Cheesy right? perfect,) 

My day was perfect and I have a lot of people to thank for that: (My Macon Grammy speech)
Thank you Anna for letting Justin and I borrow your camera, we put it to good use!
Thank you Milton, Jason, Emily and Aunt Lizzie for giving us such a good time and great dinner.
Thank you Mamaw for not panicking when you don't remember, for entertaining our questions and not being afraid to ask to be reminded.   
And most importantly, thank you Justin for taking me, experiencing my life with me and appreciating how differently we grew up. I do not know how I got so blessed with such a wonderful best friend and big brother, but some how I did. Lucky I guess. 

we are too cute. 

(and thanks for reading this long and rambling blog post.) 

We drove back to Atlanta today. I realized I have been pronouncing Pokemon wrong the whole time Justin and I have been friends. I can't believe it. The least I can do is say it right. At least I don't still think the plural should be pokemen...

Happy 97th Mamaw, and happy Macon adventures.