Thursday, May 9, 2013

...almost done

I am almost done.
I am officially done with classes, and practically done with all the work I have to do.
I have a 5 page paper and project for my internship keeping me from graduation.

I am still unemployed. Still waiting to hear back on my most likely prospect. I tried to be impressive today. I impressed myself at least.

Today I feel confident and happy.

I also feel anxious, because I know my students will be having a good bye party tonight, and I am not looking forward to breaking it up. But I will, because EF RA's don't suck, contrary to what the Stormy Petrel may have you believe. Must be that Oglethorpe training....

Anyway, back to why my day was wonderful. Today I got to go to my favorite latte place. Sweet Hut. I also got to get graduation sandals. Honestly I am happy to just have sandals.

Then we decided to go find this Tea and coffee shop in Little 5 that Marisa and I stumbled into one day on a service project. It is called Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party. It if full of tea, coffee, and they are partnered with a school in India, and proceeds on their merchandise goes to these girls education. It is really cool. Plus there are book everywhere, old books, on sale for $1. It was a very Tes place. It is also a very Tirzah place. I have shown Tes, now I just have to show Tirzah! What wonderful "T" named women!

Now I am in my room, on duty trying to finish the last assignment of my college career. It is a paper on the role research in psychology plays on PR. Nothing seems like a more perfect last assignment. Combining my studies and my (hopefully) future profession. Ah.

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