Saturday, May 11, 2013


Today I ran the Electric Run. By ran, I mean I ran about 25%. But hey, I ran in public, and I kept moving.

I am happy. Plus Justin said I have a goal for my next 5K, a time to beat, and that is good!

I also bought some of my first running gear today, a sports bra (at the suggestion of practically professional runner Tirzah) and a running shirt, because I wanted to feel legit.
I did. I was practically an athlete.

Really though, I am happy, and would like to do another run.

I did lose $30 though. I stuck it in my show in case we wanted to buy anything...and when the run was over, the money was gone. Next running gear I get is pants with zipper pockets! 

Anyway, after Justin and I went to Waffle house. 

Ahhh. I am so excited about this coming up week. Everyday is a perfect adventure. I still have 5 more pages to write to be done, but I am so close! 

Tomorrow I have tea or coffee or something with Tirzah and Tes, dinner with my beautiful and fabulous little sister Jesse. 
Monday - Justin and I have a potter painting groupon that expires on Tuesday. 
Tuesday - I officially become a Sigma alum, and I have my birthday dinner. 
Wednesday - Senior Boat trip, Carillon Ceremony, psych senior dinner
Thursday - MY BIRTHDAY!! Senior Class Celebration 
Friday - Presidents reception
Saturday - the big day!! 

Cross your fingers that one of those days is made better by a job offer that I am hoping will come! :) 

Anyway, happy run! 

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